The Benefit Manual


The Benefit Manual

When you start a job that offers health insurance and life insurance, you will receive a benefit manual. I was doing an in-depth study on righteousness and it dawned on me what a “Benefit Manual” we have in our Bible.

To be righteous means that we are acting in a just, upright manner, that we are virtuous, and morally excellent. I searched the scriptures, looking at the benefits of being righteous/upright. What I found is that there are manifold blessings for us!

Pr. 2:7 God holds victory in store for the upright, and He is a shield to them.
Pr. 2:8 He guards our course and protects our way.
Pr. 3:32 God takes us into His confidence. WOW! I love that one! The times that He has taken me into His confidence have been times that I will never forget. They have been so precious to me.
Pr. 3:33 He blesses our home, while the house of the wicked falls under His curse.
Pr. 4:18 Our path will be like the first gleam of dawn.
Pr. 10:2 Righteousness delivers from death.
Pr. 10:3 God doesn’t let us go hungry, but He thwarts (frustrates) the craving of wicked.
Pr. 10:6 Blessings crown us, while violence overwhelms (bewilders, confounds) the mouth of the wicked.
Pr. 10:7 Our memory will be a blessing.
Pr. 10:11 Our mouth is a fountain (jet stream, gush) of life. Imagine your words gushing forth life to someone.
Pr. 10:16 Our wages will bring us life, while the income of the wicked brings them punishment (infliction, unhappiness, trials).
Pr. 10:20 Our tongue is one of choice (superior, fine, exceptional) silver.
Pr. 10:21 Our lips will nourish (supply, sustain) many.
Pr. 10:25 The storm will sweep away the wicked, but we will stand firm forever.
Pr. 10:28 Our prospect (expectancy, promise, hope) is joy.
Pr. 10:29 God’s way is a refuge (retreat, sanctuary, harbor) for us.
Pr. 10:32 Our lips know what is fitting (beneficial, harmonious, desirable), while the wicked only speak what is perverse (corrupt, depraved).
Pr. 11:3 Our integrity will guide us.
Pr. 11:6 Our righteousness will deliver us, yet the unfaithful will be trapped by evil desires.
Pr. 11:8 We will be rescued from trouble while it falls on the wicked instead.
Pr. 11:9 Through knowledge we will escape words that can destroy others.
Pr. 11:18 We will reap a sure (certain, without doubt) reward.
Pr. 11:20 God delights in us because our ways are blameless.
Pr. 11:23 Our desires will end in only good.
Pr. 12:3 We can’t be uprooted.
Pr. 12:6 Our speech will rescue (liberate, ransom, disentangle) us.
Pr. 12:7 Our house will stand firm (rooted, bolted, immobile).
Pr. 12:21 No harm comes upon us, but the wicked will have their fill of trouble (plight, affliction, adversity).
Pr. 12:26 The righteous are cautious in friendship, while the wicked may be led astray by the company which they keep.
Pr. 13:21 Prosperity (accomplishment, victory, successfulness) is our reward, while the sinner faces misfortune.
Pr. 14:11 The house of the wicked will be destroyed (wasted, undone, burned up), while even the tent of the righteous will flourish (thrive, increase, succeed).
Pr. 15:6 Our house will contain great treasure (value, riches, love, fruitfulness), while the income of the wicked will bring them trouble (adversity, fear, worry).
Pr. 15:8 Our prayers will please the Lord.
Pr. 15:29 Father hears our prayers, but is far from the wicked.
Pr. 16:17 Our highway (path) will avoid evil.
Pr. 16:31 A righteous life can give gray hair, which is a crown of splendor (glory, brilliance, radiance). I used to get mad when people would comment on my gray hairs. I have literally lived in Proverbs for over six years, and I noticed recently that the gray is rapidly spreading to the rest of my hair. My consolation in this is that I have gained an immense amount of wisdom as I have lived in that precious book. It is becoming an automatic response from me to quote a proverb when I face new situations.
Pr. 18:10 God’s name is a strong tower and we can run to it and be kept safe.

Now these are only benefits that I found in Proverbs. That doesn’t count the numerous examples in other books of the Bible. I hope that you have a new appreciation for what Father has given you.
© 2003, Stacy R Miller


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