Are You Wrinkled?


Are You Wrinkled?

One day as I was ironing, I began to ponder on the process, and how it relates to our lives spiritually. As I began to press our clothes, it took effort to work out the wrinkles. It takes effort in our spiritual lives to ‘iron out’ our wrinkles. We must be diligent to pray and read the Word so that our spiritual (wo)man is stronger than our fleshly (wo)man.

In the process of trying to get out the wrinkles, I had to add some distilled water to the iron. Webster’s defines ‘distillation’ as “the process of heating a mixture and condensing the resulting vapor to produce a more nearly pure substance.” Sometimes God needs to ‘distill’ us. He will use circumstances which will draw us closer to Him. He will also use circumstances which cause us to see ourselves for who we really are. While that can be very humbling to have Him reveal some dark, hidden places within us, He does it as a gentle, loving Father whose desire is to work all things for our good. Rom. 8:28 He can use these times to peel away fleshly things from our lives, thus ‘ironing out our wrinkles.’

Just as I needed the distilled water which is pure, we also need the pure water of the Holy Spirit to pour into our lives, refreshing us so that we stay supple, rather than becoming dried out and wrinkled.

While ironing, I didn’t just stay in one place. I was moving the iron back and forth until each piece of the clothing was wrinkle-free. I was also moving from one garment to the next until I had finished my task. Phil. 3:14 tells us that we are to be pressing on toward the goal for which our Master has called us. As Christians, we are to moving on to higher levels in our walk with the Lord so that we don’t become stagnant.

Heb. 12:1-2 speaks of Christians being in a race. Just as a runner doesn’t run the race by running in place, we can’t expect to run our spiritual race by staying in one place. The verse in Hebrews goes on to mention how we should fix our eyes on Jesus. When I’m ironing, my gaze is steadfastly fixed upon each garment, intent on seeing that each wrinkle is ironed away. Fixing our eyes on our Master will help us in our endeavor to be wrinkle-free.

In the process of smoothing out our own wrinkles, we will find that that there are many things which we must do. There is confession, meditation, and reading the Word. When we make a habit of doing these things, we will find it much easier to bear the weight of God’s ‘ironing’ on us. We may find that we look forward to those times because we’ve learned to fully trust the work which He is doing in us.

After I get done with each garment, I put it on a hanger. Sometimes we will find that God must ‘hang us up’ also. Now this doesn’t mean that we aren’t to be doing anything. Even when God may lead you to set aside any places of ministry for a season, we must remember that we are still to be diligent in taking time to read and pray. We should use these times of ‘hanging’ to develop an even more intimate relationship with our loving Father. Then when He opens the door once again for us to enter into a specific ministry, we will be able to go forth in a new and fresh anointing.

How about it? Do you have some wrinkles that you need to take before the Lord? Somehow, I don’t think ironing is ever going to be the same……

© 2003, Stacy R. Miller


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    Nov 02, 2013 @ 01:46:03

    I love your spiritual application from a mundane chore! Thank you!


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