Are You Rested?

Are You Rested?

I often hear ladies comment on how they haven’t slept well, then they add that when they get rested up, they will be fine. I know that in my own life when I haven’t slept well, I feel like I’m not very useful. I feel sluggish and my mind seems a little fuzzy. I just don’t feel very productive on those days.

In studying on the word ‘rest,’ I discovered that the Greek word for ‘rest’ is ‘useful.’ As I pondered on many different women who have taught me many things, I realized that those women are women who learned to be broken before the Lord, dependent upon Him. They learned through many trials not to run in their own strength. They are wise enough to know when to slow down and give their bodies a rest. Only after resting (either through a nap or a time of quietness with the Lord), can they truly be useful again. We cannot function at our fullest when we fail to get our rest.

Jesus tells us that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. We find so often that people want to pile on us one burden after another, and then they refuse to help us carry the load! Yet, when God places something on our shoulders, He also promises to help us carry it.

Satan has always sought to pervert the scriptures, and he wants to divert our attention from that which is vital and of true value. (Phil. 1:10, AMP) One method that is common with women is that we have a hard time saying ‘no.’ It seems the only time that we DON’T struggle with saying ‘no’ is when we say the word to our children. It is so important for us to take inventory from time to time and see if we have gotten ourselves involved in too many activities. Is it possible that we are volunteering too much? Could we be involved in too many Bible studies or prayer groups? Are we attending too many play groups with our toddlers? Are the children in too many sports activities?

If you aren’t sure if you are involved in too many activities, one way to find an easy answer to these questions is to ask your husband. For some of us, we may be fearful to even bring it up with him because deep down, we know we are out of control with our activities. We know that our husband will tell us that we do too much outside the home, and we don’t want him to be right! God has commanded the husband to love and protect his wife. One way he is able to do that is by his keen ability to discern when things are getting out of balance with outside activities.

For some of us, we look for fulfillment in our multitude of activities. Martha did the same thing in Luke 10:3-42. We fail to realize that true fulfillment comes when a woman busies herself with the good part, which will not be taken away from her. (Lk. 10:41-42) It’s then that we will find ourselves truly rested and useful – to our Lord and to our families, and to those around us.
© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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