My Daughter, My Blessing

My Daughter, My Blessing


My precious daughter, how thrilled I was to find that the Lord had chosen me to be a mother to you.

I looked so forward to the awaited day when I’d give birth to you.

I watched in awe as my body changed,

And thought of how our lives would be rearranged,

To welcome you to share our days,

To bring us joy in many ways.

Little did I know that it wouldn’t come to pass,

Or how I’d feel like my whole world just collapsed.

My body aches to have you growing inside of me.

My arms ache for the day that I can hold you close to me.

Even in the midst of my grief, the Lord has been so good to me.

I have truly seen Him through the ones He’s sent to comfort me.

I’ve received cards, flowers, and phone calls, which have meant so very much,

But it’s through the prayers and hugs that I’ve truly felt our Father’s touch.

Losing you is truly the hardest thing I’ve been through,

But in the midst of it all, one thing is true —

I’ve never seen God be any better, or any nearer.

And each day the way is growing clearer.

It became so clear that I realized what a blessing you’ve been to me.

For if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have seen God’s love reaching out like this to me.

I’ve felt His comfort, and I’ve felt His peace,

And through all the tears, I’ve felt sweet release.

My precious daughter, you’ve been such a blessing in my life.

I was going to name you Rebecca, but it didn’t fit the calling that God placed on your life.

So I changed your name to Tiffany, for I’ve seen the appearance of God in the midst of my pain,

And because of you, my child, my world will never be the same.

Your middle name is Brooke, for I shall cry a brook of tears

‘Til the day I shall see you, and hold you near.

Even in the short time that I carried you inside my womb, I grew to love you so very much.

I prayed for you to love the Lord, and be sensitive to His touch.

Now I know that you are with Him, safe in every way,

And my precious Tiffany, just wait for me, for your Ma Ma’s coming home someday.

© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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